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Hi everyone, we are pushing cutting edge technology of augmented reality in the classroom even FURTHER! Our team is upgrading many of our content. Also our app is available for updating on the iOS App Store and the Google Play store. If you haven't gotten our app you can find it by searching for "Aug That". If you already have it you can simply update it. You can also use the demo section of our website in conjunction with the demo section of our app. We look forward to your feedback!


To Provide an engaging, meaningful, and technological experience for learning that will differentiate instruction and drive student growth.


Students were tested in groups to show the impact of Augthat on learning. Students Were: • Tested in English and Math (Pre- Test and Post Test) • Grades 1 – 8 • Students were given the same content • A tested group was given Augthat materials as an enhancement to the content • The controlled group was given standard content without Augthat Findings: Tested group utilizing Augthat received scores that were 30% to 70% higher from pre test to post test Controlled group received scores that were 10% to 15% higher from pre-test to post test


Visual Learners: 3D images and models will pop-up so that students can gain insight on a concept. They can view the object and manipulate the perspective so they are able to view different angles of the object. Auditory learners: When a student scans the image a voice recording or sound bit can be heard. Students can hear directions read out loud or perform a read along with the simple click of a button. Kinesthetic learners: The tactile experience of utilizing and viewing through a mobile device through AR will not only provide hands-on learning, but will allow students to move around the classroom to view a 360 degree virtual environment that will engage them and allow them to feel as if they are actually standing within that environment.


We use a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a view of multiple computer elements composited into one.

The goal was to create an engaging and amazing experience that will expand a child’s thought process as well as create a learning adventure. We deliver three-dimensional models, 360 degree virtual environments, and activity sheets with animated lessons that can all be viewed with a smart device. We have become known as a leader in augmented reality for education, and presented publicly at conferences throughout the United States about augmented reality and its potential for dramatically enhancing education and providing one of the most powerful tools a teacher can use within their classroom. Here at Augthat! Our mission is to enrich and enhance our schools, students, and teachers.




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"If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow." - John Dewey

Animated Lessons

Our Math and English courses have over 4,500 lessons integrated into them through augmented reality.

Augshop - 3D

Our Augshop 3D are interactive labs that teachers create to engage the student with 3D content and problem solving.

Augshop - 360

Our Augshop 360 pushes the boundaries of interactive learning by placing the student into a place where they can compare and contrast, gather elements of a theme, see character environments, etc. The list is endless.

Teacher Connect

Here is where parents and teachers can build their own augmented reality lessons and publicly share them with the world.

Student Connect

Where students can explore augmented reality by creating personal lessons for themselves. Building self notes in interactive ways is proven to help students remember projects and show off some tech while they're at it.

The Pipeline

Match your school logo to your website's event's page, monthly newsletter, or homework list. You can connect students, parents, and teachers to a web page or a monthly updated file to keep everyone on the same page.

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